The GodBody Organics

I was given full control over the rebrand of The GodBody Organics. The owner, Sharifa Smith, reached out yearning for a new look and feel for her brand. Although TGBO had been in business already, she felt it was time for a rebirth. The original logo gave off a dark and eerie vibe — the complete opposite of what the brand represents.

When coming up with the new design, the vibe I wanted to get across was peace and serenity, uplifting, hard body, one with spirit. For the icon, I choose a woman’s body with her arms lifted in a cross position yet slanted as if she is rising into her better self a.k.a. her ‘God Body.’

For the color palette, Sharifa wanted to stay in the nature/natural/nudes area. Nothing too girly as she will eventually market to others as well.

In the near future, I will be designing their website. Check back for updates!