I. INQUIRIES + WORK — To inquire, please visit the graphics page, and for big projects (web design, packages, etc.) email me. Customers that reach out via social media or any other way, will be directed to the correct place. Only after payment is received am I retained to [ENTER WORK DESCRIPTION HERE]. The client receives 1-3 free revision rounds per service*. Additional revisions will require a fee.

Please note, my main source of communication is email. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, email is best. My customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm CST. I am closed on the weekends, holidays, and my birthday, January 14th. You may receive emails from me outside of these hours; however, those are the only times to reach me directly.

*Projects with multiple services get revisions per service.

II. PAYMENTS — All projects and services require payment upfront. Depending on your needs, a half or full payment will be required. Quotes are sent via email, invoice, or on the service page itself. Clients that put down partial payments will not receive any work, deliverables, or files until their balance is paid off.

Payments are made via this website, invoices, Zelle, and Paypal.

ALL PAYMENTS MADE TO ARMANI JA’NET/ARMNIWORKS ARE FINAL. There are absolutely no refunds due to the nature of my services.

If you need more time or are unable to make your payment, please let me know immediately to avoid any interruptions in your project.

III. DESIGN PROCESS + TURNAROUND — Within 24-48 hours of your payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your next steps. You will be required to be hands-on in the beginning. This can include but is not limited to filling out a questionnaire, creating a Pinterest board, uploading files, etc.

Web design and multi-service projects will be sent an invite to Asana where you can keep track of your project, upload content, and communicate with me.

Once I receive the information I need to complete your project, you’ll receive a completion date or estimated turnaround time. Keep in mind, I’m a one-man-band and life happens, these dates aren’t guaranteed; however, I will do my best to let you know of any delays ahead of time.

You’ll receive your first draft(s) via Asana or your email. From there, we’ll get into your revisions. If you are given concepts to choose from, only 1 concept is included in your service unless stated otherwise. If you’d like more than one concept, an additional fee will be added to your balance. Revisions can take up to 72 hours to be completed depending on complexity and my schedule.

After you finalize or “ok” your design(s), your balance will now be due. You can use your initial payment method or any other of the accepted methods listed above. Your deliverables will be sent via Asana, email, or WeTransfer. You must download and save the files to your personal computer for unlimited access. My files are purged every 30-90 days. I will not have your logo design a year from now.

IV. COMMUNICATION (GHOSTING + DISPUTES) — Communication is key. I’ve had my fair share of clients paying me and disappearing for months then coming back expecting my full attention. I cannot accommodate you if you are this type of person.

Clients who abandon their projects by not communicating with me will forfeit their project(s), payment(s), and rights to use any files/work presented to them unless paid in full.

More than 21 days of no contact from the client will be considered a ‘ghost project’ and will be terminated after an attempt to reach out. After 21 days, the client can pay a fee to reinstate their project ranging from $40-400, depending on the project/service.

After 60 days, your project will be unable to be reopened and I will not work with you in the future.

Clients that receive a preview/draft, files, any work from me and go ghost or decide to dispute their payment, will not receive a refund or be able to work with me in the future. Your dispute will be responded to with full transcripts of your entire project with me along with these terms, which you agreed to upon making your payment.

If you become unpleasable, asking for multiple small revisions “just to see,” impatient, etc. I will terminate your project where it is and you will not be able to receive a refund.

V. TRANSFER OF RIGHTS — I, Armani Coleman, may use all work in my portfolio (including, but not limited to, any website that displays my work). Client and I agree that when asked, the client must properly identify me as the Creator of Work. The client does not have a proactive duty to display my name together with work but may not seek to mislead others that work was created by anyone other than me. Drafts, previews, and unused concepts are my intellectual property and shall not be used in any matter or posted on social media.

Branding clients receive full ownership of their logo(s) and icon(s) designed by me. If you did not receive your Transfer of Copyrights, please email me.

VI. VIOLATION OF TERMS — All payments to me are contractually binding. All contracts made verbally, physically, and digitally are final once signed/authorized/payment is made by the client; vocal, over the internet, on my website, in ink, etc.

Changes made to the finalized design will result in a violation of the contract. There will be a redesign fee assessed if I decide to work with you after the violation.

I do not tolerate disrespect, being rude, foul language, threats of any kind, defamation of character (verbally or via the internet), showing up to my place of business, and/or reaching out to my family members/friends — i.e. any type of harassment. Your project will be closed without a refund being issued or further communication from me.

VII. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY — Client agrees that I will not be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages), that arise from my performance of this commission/project (including, but not limited to, failure to perform in a timely manner, regardless o whether the failure was intentional or negligent.)

Updated January 2021